About DLS Technology Group

DLS Technology Group was founded in 1995, in Danyang, Jiangsu Province, with a registered capital of 300 million USD. Today, DLS group is listed as a “Major Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”, and covers an area of 250 acres, with more than 3000 employees.
DLS Group has 4 major industries: aluminum rolling, steel rolling, optics and chemical industry. With high-tech and high quality products, we achieved 1 billion USD sales in 2012.

About DLS Aluminum Inc.

DLS Aluminum Inc. was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of DLS TechnologyGroup. We focus on aerospace/aircraft, transportation, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding and other ultra-size aluminum alloy products, as well as heat transfer materials. We are the only private owned company in Eastern China region which has “1+1” continuous hot rolling equipment.
In 2010, DLS Aluminum purchased former Aleris plant in Quebec, Canada and relocated in Danyang, China. Based on these equipment, we re-designed and optimized the processing, upgraded all major equipment. Meanwhile, according to market requirements, we purchased lots of brand new equipment to expand the production capability. The new plant covers 100 acres of area, with a capacity of 250,000 MT/A. The total investment in the new plant is about 500 million USD.
DLS Aluminum has a complete high performance aluminum alloy plate/sheet/coil production line with a capacity of 250,000 MT/A. For casting line, we have 35/50 tons casting furnace, 100 tons soaking pit, CNC ingots scalper, etc. For rolling line, we have 3300 mm rough + 2800 mm finish continuous rolling machine, 2800 mm plate/coil cold rolling machine, 3000  tons stretcher, 30 m roller hearth quenching furnace, 80 tons aging annealing furnace, ultrasonic water immersion detector, precision sawing machine,  2800 mm cross cutter, air cushion furnace, etc.
DLS Aluminum also invests in a R&D and inspection center. The new R&D and inspection center has complete laboratory apparatus. We also work closely with major universities and institutions in the aluminum alloy field, so that we can have strong R&D abilities, which could provide improved high-performance high-quality products to our clients.
In 2015, we opened our North American office in Montreal, Canada for the better service of our North American clients.